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Newborn Information


As soon as your new one has arrived it is very important to schedule your newborn session. Yes, we know that it is hard to do anything other than relax with your little one. But the best time to capture your newborn is before they are 2 weeks old (we prefer 3-7 days old). After two weeks it can be difficult to get baby into a deep sleep and baby acne and colic may flare up.

·         Best time to shoot is mid-morning or late afternoon.

·         Please allow up to two hours for this shoot


We come to you. As mothers, we know that after baby you don’t feel all that great and attractive. That is why we come to you. Most of the newborn sessions are done in your home. We love using natural light with our babies, so don’t mind us if we move some things around we will put them right back! Don’t be shy about clutter or dishes in the sink we are moms too and we totally get it.  If for some reason you would rather not shoot in your home we can defiantly set something up at our in home office/studio.


Please open blinds and pull curtains back prior to arrival. It helps us set up the perfect location in your home for the shoot. Natural light is a baby’s best friend. Sometimes we end up shooting in crazy spots in your home, usually where ever there is a large window or sliding glass doors.


New babies do not like to be cold and to get those adorable baby shots we need to make them as comfortable as possible. So crank the heat 30 minutes before session. We have heating pads to help keep baby in steady warmth.

·         Loosen that diaper so that baby does not have any imprints.

·         Try  to keep baby up and stimulated, that way baby is nice and tired for our shoot (helps achieve those cute poses)

·         Keep baby feed, a full belly ensures a happy sleepy baby.

·         If baby decides to stay awake most of the time, don’t worry! Some of the sweetest shots are with them peaking around.


·         Sound machine and a calm atmosphere help baby



·         If you would like to have pictures with any other children we recommend before or after newborn session. Any props that you would like please set out. If you don’t have any we can provide them.

  •  Soft fabrics and colors are perfect for these shots. No crazy patterns or colors.

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